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Accessible Doctors : A Global Telehealth Platform for All
Picture of Sudhir Shrestha
Sudhir Shrestha
Researcher & CTIO

Sudhir is a Founder-CEO/ Researcher at Accessible Doctors. He has always been passionate about innovating the Accessible eServices platform to improve people's lives globally, specifically in rural and remote areas where standard health services are not easily available. He has extensive experience in several domains as an ICT Researcher, Requirements Engineer, and Software Architect specializing in Accessibility Research particularly in Digital Health.  

He has been passionately working on developing affordable and accessible human-centered personalized AI-assisted Doctors for patients from the past several years to diagnose their health issues via the Accessible Doctors Telehealth platform. He believes that this effort will revolutionize Telehealth services globally as he strongly believes, "Accessible eHealth is a fundamental human right".

Picture of Dr. Sundar Sundaram
Dr. Sundar Sundaram
Medical Advisor

Dr. Sundar Sundaram is a senior General Practitioner (GP) with over four decades of experience. He was awarded one of Australia's most prestigious awards, the Order of Australia Medal (OAM),  for his devoted service to the community in early 2019 on the Australia Day Honours List. The OAM acknowledges his relentless efforts to reduce the prevalence of diabetes, particularly among migrant communities, along with his work with several multicultural communities. 

Born and raised in India, Dr Sundar arrived in Australia in 1974 working in paediatrics for many years across Australia. After turning his attention to general practice, he now practices at the Dr Sundar Family Medical Practice in Toongabbie, NSW, Australia.  He has extensive medical experience across general medicine, emergency medicine, and paediatrics. He has been delivering compassionate, quality care to the people of Western Sydney for over 40 years and continues to do so.  Dr. Sundar plans to extend his services via the Accessible Doctors platform so that he can provide medical consultation ubiquitously.

Picture of Dr R. Reddy
Dr R. Reddy
Medical Advisor

Dr Reddy is a well known and respected senior GP in the local area of Miller, NSW, Australia, who has been practising for more than 40 years from his practice named Dr Reddy's Surgery. He is known for his compassionate treatment, long history of professional care and always going the extra distance for his patients and focusing on patient-centred treatment. Dr Reddy was a recipient of the Officer of the Order of Liverpool award for the year 2016. The honour was particularly special for Dr Reddy, who accepted the award in front of a number of his patients in the audience.

Dr Reddy now plans to volunteer and provide medical treatment consultations to people in need. Dr Reddy believes that Telemedicine can be helpful to improve patient health conditions located in remote and rural areas of the world. Dr Reddy is a strong advocate and supporter of Global Accessible Healthcare.

Picture of Fiona Wilson
Fiona Wilson
Counselling Advisor

Fiona Wilson has a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Sydney. As part of her degree, she studied Psychology. Fiona spent 20 years counselling people as part of her research. During that time, she discovered and perfected a new coaching tool that enables people to make wise decisions. Thus the tool empowers people, which automatically boosts their confidence. The principles and strategies are backed up by scientific research. Indeed, the same principles and strategies are commonly used by many leading corporations. Fiona’s book and webinars are called Fast Track Real Confidence. They explain how to use the specially designed app – also called Fast Track Real Confidence. Fiona is a supporter of Global Accessible Healthcare.

Picture of  Dr. Madhu Ghimire
Dr. Madhu Ghimire
Consultant Gastroenterologist
Medical Advisor

Dr. Ghimire is a senior Gastroenterologist/Hepatobiliary with more than two decades of clinical experience. He is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. He pursued his MBBS in the year 1971 from Delhi University, India. He completed his MRCP in the year 1981 from the Royal College of Physicians, UK. He also completed his FRCP in the year 1998 from the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh, UK. He has held a prominent position in the SEA Region of WHO as an International Consultant and formulated a strategic plan for prevention and case management 

Dr. Ghimire is an experienced, skilled and awarded doctor in his field of specialization.