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How Telehealth Can Help During The Global Coronavirus Pandemic?

How Telehealth Can Help During The Global Coronavirus Pandemic?

As coronavirus cases are increasing every day, hospitals are overwhelmed with patients - there’s a limit as to how much they can handle. 

Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities do not have enough hospital beds, personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators to help patients who are in serious conditions due to COVID-19. 

In several countries, the government has been directing its citizens to make use of telehealth services. Through verified and authorized telehealth services, people can get consult a doctor through a video call or telephone. The doctor will look at the patient’s medical history, and give his/her diagnosis and even prescribe medicines to the patient. 

As hospitals are filled to the brim with patients, the use of telehealth services ensures that only priority patients are given the needed medical service first. Telehealth platform like Accessible Doctors can help patients stay at their home and get an online video consultation.

Furthermore, with several countries introducing nationwide lockdowns and adoption of social distancing, the use of telehealth services is on the rise.

Even doctors are encouraging people with mild symptoms to be treated through telehealth, and if the case is severe, then the doctor will refer those patients to a hospital. This is great for patients who are in quarantine and self-isolation so they can communicate daily with a certified healthcare professional. 

Through virtual checkups and virtual treatments, people can avoid coming into the clinic or hospital unnecessarily, and reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. 

What to expect during a telehealth service?

It is quite similar to what happens when you meet a doctor face-to-face. Patients will need to book an appointment on the Telehealth platform like Accessible Doctors. If possible, you will have to send them details of your medical history as well. An email will be sent confirming the details and the time of appointment with the doctor. Through a video conferencing interface, you and the doctor will be connected. 

The doctor will go through the patient’s medical records and documents. If the patient is concerned about coronavirus symptoms, the doctor will talk through the symptoms. If you have thermometers and blood pressure measuring machines, then you will be advised to use it and report the results to the doctor. 

While there are some limitations compared to a physical examination, the doctor can still tell a lot about the patient from how they look. You don’t have to worry about putting yourself or others at risk. 

Tip: Ask your regular doctor if they provide telehealth services before looking for another one. 
Why should I use a telehealth service? 

During this coronavirus crisis, the use of telehealth services is easier and safer than going to physically visit a doctor. There is patient-doctor confidentiality in place so there is protection and lessen the risk of data breach. The telehealth service providers will be using a secure video platform to get connected with the patient. 

● Clinics and hospitals worldwide are encouraging the use of telehealth services before going to a clinic. Doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals are high-risk areas as the transmission of coronavirus are easier in these places. This is evidenced by the high rates of healthcare professionals getting infected with COVID-19. 

● Even insurance companies are revising their policies to reimburse their customers for the use of telehealth services.
● It goes beyond just diagnosing a patient. Through telehealth services, doctors can also prescribe the necessary medication to their patients. Furthermore, if you have medical devices at home, these tools will provide valuable and recent information to your doctor. 

● It provides real-time interactive communication with doctors and patients. 

● For those who are vulnerable, telehealth services are the best alternatives available. 

Telehealth, also known as telemedicine or digital health, was actually provided as an added service to provide convenience to patients who did not have the privilege to travel to visit doctors. The current global scenario has made telehealth services a necessity. 

Through telehealth, experts are predicting that the curve will flatten and schedule and assign medical professionals and equipment wisely. 

How can telehealth help during the coronavirus pandemic? 
● Freeing up necessary medical care and equipment to those who need it most. 

● You won’t be cramped up waiting in confined places with many people, which is a conducive environment for COVID-19 to spread. By practicing social distancing / medical distancing, then you are doing your part to flatten the curve.
How can I make the best use of telehealth services amidst COVID-19? 
The healthcare professionals’ job when he/she is on-call with you is to see if you’re a low, medium or high risk according to how severe your symptoms are. 

Therefore, before you book an appointment with a telehealth platform like Accessible Doctors, you should: 

● Fill in the details of all your symptoms and the medicine you’re taking 

● Be ready to answer all questions that the doctor will ask like your recent travel history, whether you’ve gone out recently, etc. 

● Do not ask non-medical questions, as keeping the call short and to the point will help the doctor talk to more patients. 

If you are not feeling well or just want to talk with the doctor about how to stay safe and well - Simply book an online video consultation appointment with doctors available at Accessible Doctors.

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