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How to keep you and your loved one safe during the Covid-19 pandemic?

For once united we fall, divided we stand! 

The virus does not know boundaries but we do. And we can fight it if all of us do best by social distancing. Can’t help but think how tough it must be for all of us to not get close with our friends and remote families. It is surely is tough for everyone. But it can literally save lives. This too shall pass, very soon as long as we can Skype, Hangout, Zoom, face time on Facebook or if you are not well book an online video consultation with Accessible Doctors. 

Let’s go veggie together! 

Believe it or not, a plant-based diet might be the right choice for you and your family at this hour. Talking about veggie delights, it’s the perfect opportunity to work on your cooking skills. When in the world would we be getting so much time to cook if we don’t master our culinary art now? This is definitely not a way to preach you guys for opting out on less animal meat but green items prove to be a healthy diet and help in increasing your immune system. 

Maybe, it’s just a lucky timing with family 

I know many of you feel strange to be home for such a long…long time but think of it as living in your safe cocoon. You can read, play, have too much screen time and ask for even more. This is the new normal for the time being. Socially distanced, mentally engaged. At least for now… There are only so many fun ways to spend with your family when stuck at home. 

A full-time job of keeping each other busy 

It’s scary to switch on the news but. Think of it as vacationing, a home vacation. Try not to think about this pandemic too much. Oh, and get creative, go crazy, binge watch your favorite shows, play scrabble so that there is no time left to worry. 

All the little things like masks help. 

Who knows how many people actually have the virus and also infecting others in the meanwhile. All we can do is limit the spreading and contacts by using masks, sanitizers, gloves. The situation can even worsen so if you can, go and buy these safety essentials for you and your loved ones. Use them mandatorily if and when you go outside. 

Every wash is precious. 

Who would have thought that anything like a basic etiquette can save your own life? But then, wash your hands thoroughly before eating or immediately after coming back home from outside. Give it a try- it may do wonders! 

A radical idea: exercise maybe? 

We all have this fear that this stay-at-home solution will start to weigh on all of us. Relax, the rich and the famous, the old and the young ones are not being spared either. To give you an idea, there can be so many ways of getting healthier. Well… for starters, you can choose to do yoga or meditation or even hardcore cardio in this corona situation.  

If you are not feeling well, book an online consultation with the Accessible Doctors staying at your home.

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